U.S. Army Transportation Agency



The U.S. Army Transportation Agency is a unique and highly trained group of Master Drivers dedicated to providing premier, worldwide, vital chauffeur support to the President and his staff. They provide assignment opportunities for 88M who are self-motivated and seeking to grow both professionally and personally. Operating in a fast-paced, dynamic environment requires a team of dedicated, highly competent professionals - ​USATA drivers are the most visible, but never seen.

The benefits of an assignment with the ​USATA are once in a life time opportunities. In addition to providing the opportunity to directly support the president, the vice president, and senior White House staff, the agency offers drivers training and certification programs that prepares leaders to operate in any environment. It also provides opportunities operate autonomously and travel abroad. 


How to apply

Completely fill out application and submit to whta.recruiting@whmo.mil with the following documents in PDF format:

Application (USATA Application, save the application to your desktop prior to completion)

NOTICE: If you choose to submit your application via email with personally identifiable information (PII) (e.g. social security number and/or date of birth), please ensure the email is encrypted. If you are unable to send encrypted emails, please leave the PII portion blank and we will contact you via phone to obtain the final information. We will only share your information with another government agency or additional parties if required by law.


Point of Contact

United States Army Transportation Agency
Administration Office
WK: 202.757.0770/0754
Fax: 202.757.0756