JTF-NCR - MDW Mission

JTF-NCR plans, coordinates, maintains situational awareness, and as directed, partners in the employment of forces to conduct homeland defense and civil support operations in the National Capital Region to mitigate regional challenges.

MDW serves as the Army Forces Component to, and core staff element of, the Joint Task Force-National Capital Region, and provides executive, operational, ceremonial and musical support across a full spectrum of worldwide responsibilities to support our Nation’s leaders.

Working at the most dynamic and exciting command in the military is fast-paced and challenging, but it is an honor to be entrusted with the care of the nation. Our missions include:

  • Deter, prevent and respond to crisis, disaster, or security requirements in the National Capital Region (NCR).
  • Serve as the core element of Joint Task Force-National Capital Region (JTF-NCR).
  • Provide priority air transport for senior Army and government officials through the executive jet fleet of the U.S. Army Priority Air Transport.
  • Provide rotary-wing airlift and technical rescue through assets of the 12th Aviation Battalion.
  • Oversee Army aviation in the National Capital Region.
  • Serve as "Supporting Commander" responsible to coordinate and provide support for authorized military honors for funerals and memorial services, and Army ceremonial support to Arlington National Cemetery.
  • Conduct official ceremonial, musical and public events, locally and worldwide, on behalf of the nation’s leadership.
  • Serve as Senior Commander for Forts Meade, Belvoir, Walker and Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (JBM-HH), formerly the Fort Myer Military Community (FMMC).
  • Exercise General Officer Courts Martial Convening Authority over personnel assigned and attached for that purpose to MDW.