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Sending a Request for Assistance to the MDW Inspector General

Request for Assistance

This is an anonymous system to the MDW Inspector General. By submitting issues through this link, you will receive no feedback from the IG on the resolution of your case unless you provide us your name, address, phone number, and/or email address. We would prefer that you contact an MDW Inspector General personally at the numbers listed on the Contact MDW-IG page for better assistance.

Steps to Take

Steps you should take before calling or emailing the MDW Inspector General and submitting a request for assistance.

  • Give your chain of command a chance to solve the problem
  • Be sure you have a problem not just a peeve
  • Remember IG's only resolve a case on the basis of fact
  • Some situations first require other methods of redress
  • Be honest and don't provide misleading information
  • Keep in mind IG's can only recommend, not order, a resolution
  • Don't expect instant action on your request. Be patient.
  • Be prepared to take 'No" for an answer 

(In either case, "Yes" or "No", the IG will explain why).

 DA Form 1559 Instructions

In the remarks block of the form please address the following questions that apply and provide as much detail as possible:
  1. Have you discussed this issue with your chain of command? If so, Whom?
  2. Have you asked any other agency to assist you? If so, what agency?
  3. Who is your supervisor? Who is your Commander?
  4. Please print this form and attach all documents that would assist in resolving this matter and Fax to 202-685-2895, DSN 325-2895 or email to MDW IG Office.

    or mail to:

    Joint Force Headquarters-National Capital Region/U.S. Army Military District of Washington  
    Office of the Inspector General
    31 4th Avenue, Bldg 31
    Fort McNair, DC 20319

Download the form in PDF

MDW IG Contact Information