Inspector General

Civilian Administrative Grievance System

Civilian Administrative Grievance System
(AGS) DoD 1400.25-M

Subchapter 771, AGS

SC771.2.1. It is DoD policy under DoD Directive 1400.25 (reference (b)) that DoD employees shall be entitled to present disputes under the DoD AGS and have them considered expeditiously, fairly, and impartially, and resolved as quickly as possible. All persons involved in the dispute resolution process shall be free from restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal.

SC771.4.6.1. Problem-Solving Process

SC771.4.6.2. Grievance Process

Inspector General recommended format for processing an AGS:

  1. I am submitting this as a formal grievance as outlined in accordance with DoD 1400.25-M, subchapter 771;

    • (Short bullet of complaint #1)
    • (Short bullet of complaint #2)
    • (Short bullet of complaint #3)
    • Continue as necessary
  2. My expectations for remedy regarding each issue listed above are:

    • (remedy for 1a above)
    • (remedy for 1b above)
    • (remedy for 1c above)
  3. My supporting documentation that supports the above listed issues in paragraph 1 above are:

    • (document to support 1a)
    • (document to support 1b)
    • (document to support 1c)


  1. Ensure AGS packet is properly signed and dated.
  2. Place into a sealed envelope and furnish copy to each of the following personnel:

    • Immediate supervisor
    • Directorate/Manager
    • Final approving authority
  3. Allow resolution in IAW DOD 1400.25-M, subchapter 771, AGS.